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Korg Nautilus AT

Nautilus AT synthesizer workstation from Korg - now with aftertouch

Published 8:07 am on Thursday 20th July 2023 by Beat Magazine

Depending on the synthesis, up to 200 voices can be played polyphonically. Another difference to the Nautilus is that the existing presets have been revised to allow aftertouch control. Also on board are a 16-track MIDI sequencer and 16-track audio recorder, an arpeggiator, and 16 effects processors. A 7-inch TouchView display is provided for detailed operation of all settings. The number of analog outputs is six. In addition to the MIDI interface, there is also a USB port. A software bundle of KORG software instruments, the DAW Reason Lite, as well as Ozone Elements and Skoove complete the workstation.

Price and availability:

The Nautilus AT 61 is expected to sell for 2389 Euros, while the 88-key Nautilus AT 88 is expected to cost 3189 Euros. Both models are scheduled to begin shipping in September 2023. You can get more info at Korg.

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