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SSL 4K B-DYN 500

SSL channel strip for 500 modular system

Published 2:08 am on Tuesday 8th August 2023 by Beat Magazine

The coloring sound character is typical for the tool. The SSL 4K B-DYN 500 Series module offers a continuously adjustable threshold and can be set to one of the four preset release values or to Automatic mode. For the ratio, the three values 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 are available for selection. Depending on the use, a high-pass sidechain can also be added via the DS mode. If the signal is only to be processed with the gate or expander without the use of a compressor, this is also possible. A stereo link function can be activated. The gate works with a range of 20:1.

Prica and availability:

The 1-channel module SSL 4K B-DYN 500 is available now at a price of 749 Euro. You can find more info at SSL. Orrder now from Thomann.

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