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Sequential Trigon-6

Trigon-6 synthesizer from Sequential - finally in desktop format

Published 8:37 am on Wednesday 16th August 2023 by Beat Magazine

The sound can be made even fatter using the Unison mode. The twelve-voice synthesizer also features a dual effects section with studio-quality reverb and delay, as well as chorus, flanger, phaser and ring modulator. A special feature is the Vintage knob which adds more organic warmth to the sound. A sequencer and arpeggiator are included despite the synth's more compact design. Interfaces include both MIDI and USB. Trigon-6 Desktop is also compatible with MPE. A palette of 500 factory presets with pads, leads and basses and 500 additional user-specific memory locations round out the feature set.

Price and availability:

Trigon-6 Desktop can be pre-ordered now for 2799 Euro. You can get more info at Sequential.

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