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Arturia Acid V

Experience the sound of the 303 with Acid V by Arturia

Published 8:00 am on Wednesday 23rd August 2023 by Beat Magazine

The internal sequencer has been expanded to 64 steps and built-in scales. There are 350 sequencer patterns in it. Not to forget the four slots for the 17 effects to choose from, such as reverb, delay, chorus and multi-filter. The numerous modulation options make the plug-in even more attractive. Over 150 presets are already on board, which want to let it squeak properly.

Even though the TB-303 Bassline initially sold as a flop, it gained cult status a few years later after musicians like DJ Pierre and Phuture created a completely new style of music from the synthesizer - Acid! It was impossible to imagine electronic music without the squealing basslines.

Although the original from 1982 is always the Roland TB-303 Bass Line, there were always emulations like the Phoscyon 2 from D16 Group or Bass Line 3 from ABL in the past decades. But with Acid V The Bass Line icon is significantly expanded.

Price and availability:

Acid V can be purchased now until September 14 for only 99 euros, instead of the regular 199 euros. The plug-in supports VST, AU and AAX formats. You can get more info at Arturia.

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