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Focusrite Scarlett

Better preamps for Focusrite audio interfaces

Published 7:42 am on Friday 1st September 2023 by Beat Magazine

The Air mode, which adds more sparkle and presence to the upper frequencies, has also been optimized. Furthermore, Harmonic Drive, a function that colors the sound, has been integrated. Another positive aspect is that headphones and the output for the monitor can be controlled separately. While Scarlett offers Solo for single musicians and only one input for microphone and one for line, the 2i2 has twice as many.

Price and availability:

Scarlett Solo is available for 154.99 Euros, Scarlett 2i2 is said to cost 219.99 Euros, and the Scarlett 24i4 will sell for 309.99 Euros. More info can be found at Focusrite.

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