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u-He Filterscape 1.5

9 neue analog filter with morphing EQ from u-he

Published 7:32 am on Tuesday 19th September 2023 by Beat Magazine

Each of these four bands offers dynamic modulation options for frequency and amplitude, even from different sources for each snapshot. Previously, Filterscape had only one effect-now there are three of them, FX, Q6 and VA. The highlight, however, is the distinctive EQ, which can morph seamlessly between eight different "snapshots. In addition, there are two mixers and LFO each, as well as a stereo delay. The existing preset library has been retreaded and expanded.

Price and availability:

Filterscape 1.5 is now available digitally for 129 Euro. Registered users get the update for free. The plug-in supports the formats CLAP, VST, VST3, AAX and AU. More info can be found at u-he.

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