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Test: Audeze Maxwell for Xbox – The Dolby Atmos headphone

Published 2:49 pm on Monday 27th November 2023 by Beat Magazine

What‘s more, the Maxwell headphones themselves immediately give you a top-class feeling – with their bass, overall sound, wearing comfort and size. The headphones fit comfortably and snugly around the ears; even if I wear glasses, I have no problems. It makes you want to enjoy it for longer. It should not be forgotten that the Xbox X is also suitable for listening to music and enjoying movies without games – even with Dolby Atmos.

Audeze Maxwell on Macbook Air and Windows

The same applies to Windows computers, where you can also enjoy games and music with Dolby Atmos. To do this, you need to download the Dolby Access app, which is not available for Mac. In the test on a Windows 11 computer, the Dolby Atmos license provided by Audeze via dongle was automatically recognized. But the headset can also be used on a Mac with the dongle connection, and I was able to play notes into Ableton Live and Logic wirelessly and with virtually no latency. Grandiose! Of course, Audeze has other models such as the MM-100 and MM-500 for monitoring in its range and Maxwell is a gaming headset that emphasizes the bass frequencies somewhat. In the test, however, I also got along quite well with the sound when working on tracks, as there is enough bass.

I was also able to send and record audio wirelessly: A supplied gooseneck microphone can be connected to the “Boom Mic“ port. It may not have the sound of a high-priced condenser microphone, but it offers high speech intelligibility and is ideal for vlogging and video conferencing, as background noise is suppressed very well with the help of a noise suppression function that can be switched on in two stages. There is also an internal microphone. In the test, the speech recorded via the internal microphone sounded slightly less direct, but not any quieter than via the gooseneck mic.

Settings, Game vs. Chat, Audeze HQ

In addition, two incoming signals can be mixed continuously so that you can game and chat at the same time. On the computer, these appear as two audio interfaces („Game“ and „Chat“). The Sidetone option routes the mic signal to the headphones so that you can hear yourself better. Unfortunately, there is no function for suppressing external noise for the headphones.

The Audeze HQ software allows perfect management for dongle and headset, including firmware updates. You can optionally hear spoken instructions when you switch on the headphones, change a setting on the headphones or establish a connection. Amazing: the battery life is rated at 80 hours. There is also an automatic switch-off that can be configured with adjustable times, which prevents the headphones from running out of power exactly when you need them.


Audeze Maxwell for Xbox is a top headset that also feels like one. It unleashes the full Dolby Atmos potential when used with Microsoft‘s Xbox and Windows. Thanks to the dongle for the wireless connection, which works everywhere, and the coherent overall package, Audeze‘s Maxwell is also a very attractive offer for Mac users, Vloggers and all other users.


  • Dolby Atmos Sound for Xbox and Windows
  • Very long battery life
  • USB-C dongle for low-latency connections with Xbox, PC and Mac
  • Attachable gooseneck microphone
  • 3.5mm jack input
  • USB-C, Bluetooth, Remote Dongle

Beneftis and drawbacks

+ Dolby Atmos sound for Xbox and Windows
+ Very good overall sound
+ Very comfortable to wear
+ Extremely long battery life
+ Latency-free wireless listening
+ High-quality build
- Noise cancellation

Price and availability

Audeze Maxwell for Xbox is available for 439 Euro. Find out more about the headset on the Audeze website.

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