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Berlin Dance Music Event 2024

Berlin Dance Music Event 2024 - Win tickets

Published 10:33 am on Friday 12th April 2024 by Beat Magazine

Here, a specialist conference is combined with an exuberant festival experience. Particularly noteworthy are the six top-class master classes for music production by SeeDJ and a production challenge with the online mastering provider Landr, as well as exciting prizes to be won. After dark, 50 events in 20 clubs and 12 bars are set to provide unforgettable nights this year.

You can find the complete program of the Berlin Dance Music Event here.

Tickets and availability:

All Access Passes are currently still available as tickets for 169 euros.


Even if the Pro Pass is already sold out, you still have the chance to win a Pro Pass with two tickets. We are giving away a total of two Pro Passes and 6 Conference Passes. All Access Passes can also be purchased for 169 Euros. Take part here.

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