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Zoom MS-70CDR+ MultiStomp

149 spatial effects in one pedal from Zoom

Published 10:46 pm on Monday 15th April 2024 by Beat Magazine

Although there are already 80 presets available ex works, you can also save your own presets on request, either directly on the device or via the Handy Guitar Lab app for iOS. Thanks to the USB-MIDI function, the MS-70CDR+ can also be easily integrated into a studio environment. All parameters for each effect can be adjusted in detail using the four endless controls. The four cross keys are used to switch between effects and patches by tapping them with your foot. A stereo input and output are available. There is also a color-coded LCD backlight. Operation via mains adapter or battery is possible.

Price and availability:

The versatile MS-70CDR+ MultiStomp effects unit will be available for purchase in Q2 2024 for 169 Euros. Find out more at ZOOM.

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