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Lewitt Connect 2

Audio interface with intuitive touch operation from Lewitt

Published 9:51 am on Friday 10th May 2024 by Beat Magazine

The clip guard also protects the signal from clipping. The signal can be muted or used for user-specific workflow shortcuts via the intuitive, ring-shaped, LED-illuminated buttons. The Hi-Z instrument input of the USB interface allows you to connect a guitar. You can process the signal directly via the Compressor and Denoiser dynamic processors. The integrated ground break loop circuit is helpful for eliminating hum loops. The purchase price also includes the Control Centre software, with which you can control all functions and parameters digitally. The DAWs Steinberg Cubase LE and Steinberg Cubasis LE are also included.

Price and availability:

Connect 2 is available now for 199 euros. You can find more information at Lewitt.

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