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70 years of Thomann

Mega deals for 70 years of Thomann - these are the highlights in June

Published 2:00 pm on Tuesday 4th June 2024 by Beat Magazine

The top deal highlights of the month

  • The mega synth Oberheim OB-X8 Desktop - now only 3,590 euros instead of 3,999 euros. The eight-voice analog synthesizer in desktop format not only offers 400 factory presets but also space for 600 of your own sound creations.
  • Over 42% discount for the 2-channel Goldmike 9844 microphone preamplifier from SPL - now only for 498 euros. The tube preamp with Class A technology ensures perfect vocal recordings.
  • The professional studio monitor ADAM Audio S2V now reduced by 28 % for only 1,398 euros. Benefit from the first-class sound of the 2-way nearfield monitor in your studio with an output of 50 watts for the tweeter and 300 watts for the woofer.

There are many more deals!

Don't forget: The offers are limited in time, and there are also special models, reissues and limited editions. Exclusively limited 70th Anniversary special models are offered in various specialist areas such as guitar, studio, drums and PA. These models are visually inspired by Thomann and the anniversary year.

Click here for the anniversary deals at Thomann

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