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Monitor for DJs and producers by Pioneer DJ

Published 8:22 am on Friday 12th November 2021 by Beat Magazine

The brilliance in the highs, the wide sweep spot, as well as the three-dimensional stereo sound are due to the convex DECO diffusers. The power capacity corresponds to 25 watts. Inside acts a Class D amplifier with a 96 kHz sampling DSP processor. Thanks to the grooved air channels, a powerful bass with minimal resonance should be given. As inputs, there is a stereo RCA jack, as well as a mini-jack and a stereo jack to connect, for example, a DJ setup or studio mixer. On the output side, there is a mini-jack connector on RCA.

Price and availability

Available in black and white, the DM-50D pair of speakers can be purchased for 239 Euros.

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The Producer Blog - DJing

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