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Learn from the master - DJ controller from Tiësto

Published 12:03 pm on Tuesday 28th December 2021 by Beat Magazine

The eight performance pads per deck can not only be used to set hot cues and loops, but also to fire off samples. Up to three effects can also be activated on each deck. A dual headphone output and microphone jack are built in. On the software side, the controller is compatible with BeatportDJ as well as Algoriddim Djay Pro AI as a DJ app. Also included in the purchase price are 30 days of free streaming via Beatport Link, as well as Tiësto's Masterclass tutorials, which teaches the basics of beatmatching, hot cues, effects and scratching.

Price and availability:

The Next Beat is available now for $299 via Amazon.

The Next Beat

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The Producer Blog - DJing

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