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Standalone DJ controller with Denon speakers

Published 10:04 am on Wednesday 16th November 2022 by Beat Magazine

Mixing can be controlled via the 7-inch touchscreen display. If the computer mode is activated, the music can also be obtained via the included DJ software Serato DJ via the computer. While the SC LIVE 2 offers two channels and a microphone connection for mixing, the SC LIVE 4 offers exactly twice that. All channels can benefit from one of the four sweep effects and have access to 13 BPM effects. In addition, there are always eight illuminated pad buttons per deck, which are useful for hot cues, slices or loops, among other things. The jog wheels are each 6 inches in size. Two USB-A inputs and an SD card slot are included.

Price and availability

The controllers are available for sale now for 1559 Euros (SC LIVE 2) and 1919 Euros (SC LIVE 4). Learn more about it at Denon or just order the SC LIVE 2 or the SC LIVE 4 direct at Thomann.

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The Producer Blog - DJing

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