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DJM-A9 - The new 4-channel club standard from Pioneer DJ?

Published 11:47 am on Friday 10th March 2023 by Beat Magazine

Furthermore, four phono and four line inputs are on board. Two independent headphone jacks are also part of the basic equipment, as are the balanced outputs. Furthermore, the mixer supports a Wi-Fi interface and can be controlled via an iPad using the Stagehand app. The feel is also said to have been improved compared to its predecessor. In terms of the 14 Beat FX, there are now three new additions (Triplet Roll, Triplet Filter and Mobius). For the six Color FX there is a Center Lock function.

Price and availability:

The DJM-A9 can be purchased immediately for 2799 Euro. You can find more info at Pioneer DJ.

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The Producer Blog - DJing

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