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The best plugin freeware 2021 at KVR Audio

Published 9:24 pm on Tuesday 13th July 2021 by Beat Magazine

Highlights include Full Bucket Music's WhisAir wavetable synthesizer and Phuturetone's GR-8 analog synthesizer, which not only shines with a variety of effects and presets, but also comes with an arpeggiator. The mixer plug-in MixMaxTrix with its effect slots for each track is also interesting. Granular looping is offered by the Grain Strain effect tool. The resonator module FKFX Influx from FKFX is also worth testing. The sound becomes really fat with effect Cloud Chorus from Signalsmith Audio.

Price and availability:
All plugins are available for free download now. Many of the plugins support macOS as well as Windows, partially also Linux.

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The Producer Blog - Freeware

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