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Pads, leads and basses for free

5 Oszillatoren in einem Synth von Ronan Fed – Gratis Download

Published 8:49 am on Monday 27th February 2023 by Beat Magazine

Crisp, sharp leads and fat basses In addition, there are filters (low-pass, band-pass and high-pass) with the corresponding filter envelope. Two further envelopes are reserved for modulation and one for volume. Furthermore, two LFOs are integrated for modulation, which excite the signal either freely or tempo-synchronously to the host. Besides the parametric 3-band tone control, there is also a chorus, delay, reverb and compressor as effects. A distortion effect is included for distortion and there is an arpeggiator for varied playing styles. With the stereo imaging, the stereo width can be adjusted.

Price and availability:

Essence Plus is now available for download free of charge, although unfortunately only in VST format for Windows users. Get it now here at Ronan Fed.

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The Producer Blog - Freeware

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