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Free Samples: 870 MB Acid Bass Electro loops from the Norand Mono mkII

Published 5:00 pm on Thursday 28th September 2023 by Beat Magazine

Acid sounds at first like the nineties – the heyday of techno. Roland's TB-303 is reborn as the messiah of hypnosis through bass, swirly sequences dominate the clubs, everyone is sweating and yellow smileys are found everywhere.

Now in 2023 and countless 303 clones later, the picture is different, but Acid still exists. Not so screaming anymore, but fatter, beefier and mostly as an accessory instead of the lead – but still there. The 303 has been emulated, cloned, recreated... and evolved... countless times.

Norand Mono mkII samples for free

The latest example is Norand's Mono mkII – a real TB sequencer, but with two oscillators and nasty FM sound generation. And that's where you come into play! Because we're not just telling the story for historical reasons, but because we have something to give away: a big, fat sample pack of the Mono mkII!

True to the synth's motto, all 66 samples in the pack contain numerous modulations, but we've designed them in such a way that you can cut out shorter parts at any time without automation and incorporate them directly into your tracks as loops. On top of that, there are 15 multisample instruments in SFZ format with which you can build your own sequences with the sound of the Mono mkII.

In addition, all samples are included in a pimped version, with tasty tape saturation for an extra-crunchy sound. You simply have to have it!

What's inside?

16 minutes of loopable stems from the Norand Mono mkII
33 modulated bass and lead sequences (without post-processing)
33 modulated bass and lead sequences (pimped, with effects)
15 instrument multisamples in SFZ format for all compatible samplers
870 MB samples

You can download the sample pack for free at And if you want to know more about the Mono mkII, click here.

Get it for free and have fun!

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