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Win in March: Novation Bass Station II

Published 7:49 am on Friday 5th March 2021 by Beat Magazine

Rumpelstiltskin ...

... or something like that, the first Bass Station models could rightly have been called, because they were and are loved for their rough and chunky sound. The new generation is a bit more spirited and modern, but sounds no less fat. Just different. Bass Station is a versatile synth for massive Techno basses, snotty lead sounds and also arpeggios.

AFX mode - Aphex Twin in the machine

AFX mode is the implementation of the out-there concept of electronic music legend Richard James, aka Aphex Twin. Simply put, a Bass Station II patch can be changed key by key. This creates the possibility to make slight changes to a sound when playing up and down on the keyboard. The keyboard can be divided into several zones (even one per key), each playing its own sound. In addition, complete drum kits can be created in a single preset to be triggered manually or via the arpeggiator.

Filter, Paraphony & Arpeggiator

The Bass Station can be played in two voices when paraphony is activated. An arpeggiator has been incorporated for performances. It has 32 patterns, and the playback direction can be selected from six variants. Swing and latch functions provide the right groove. Classic Filter is a replica of the circuit from Novation's first Bass Station with low, high and bandpass characteristics. The filter packs a punch and sounds cutting when self-oscillating, but doesn't screech excessively. The acid filter brings the typical 303 chirp across well, but the otherwise different construction makes the sounds stand out refreshingly from the usual 303 sound.

Take part now and win

In our current Beat Giveaway, you have the chance to win a Novation Bass Station II worth 369 euros until the end of March 2021. Take part at We wish you good luck!

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