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Steinberg SpectraLayers 10 Giveaway

Win your vocal- & acapella-maker – with the SpectraLayers 10 giveaway

Published 8:16 am on Thursday 10th August 2023 by Beat Magazine

With the new features in version 10, not only drums can be extracted from songs, but also the individual drum sounds. The possibility of separating different voices from each other, even if they temporarily overlap, goes in the same direction. How about transcribing the voices, i.e. exporting the spoken words as a text file? No problem either, SpectraLayers 10 currently supports nine languages and usually only a few corrections need to be made to the recognised texts.

Last but not least, the reverb content of one layer can now be analysed and transferred to others, and the stacking of VST plug-ins is also possible now.

Win one of three licenses of Steinberg SpectraLayers 10 until 31th August 2023. We wish you good luck!

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The Producer Blog - Giveaways

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