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Join and win!

Until Friday: Build the coolest Beat and win prizes worth over €1,800!

Published 10:41 am on Friday 2nd February 2024 by Beat Magazine

How does the contest work?

Together with the drum recording luminary, Moses Schneider, elysia has recorded a gigantic pack of acoustic Stems, Loops and Beats and and now invites you to participate in a contest together with Beat! In addition to xpressor|neo qube, there are several full versions of the Human Beat Pack Volume 1 and elysia plug-ins to win.

Build a particularly creative or emotional loop or song verse with the given samples (plus any sound or instrument of your liking), send us the result and maybe you'll be one of the winners? You can find the exact (and really simple) rules below.

The rules are very simple and contain only two points:

  • Participating is easy: Grab the elysia samples from the Human Beat Pack (plus any sound or instrument of your liking) and build a particularly creative or emotional loop or a song verse, each at least eight bars long, so that there‘s something to listen to. Modifying the existing drum loops is mandatory!
  • Submit a link to your beat by March 1, 2024 to, Subject: elysia. You can use any hoster, such as SoundCloud, YouTube, your social media accounts or attach an MP3 file (max. 10 MB). Most important is, that we’re able to find your beat.

Then keep your fingers crossed! The jury, consisting of elysia, Moses Schneider and Beat Magazine, will select the winners by March 10 and inform them directly and on Beat‘s social media accounts. With a bit of luck, you‘ll be one of the six winners.

First prize: elysia xpressor|neo qube worth €1,149

The xpressor|neo qube is a powerful tool that gives you precise control over your audio dynamics and the ability to shape your sound like never before. Its transparent, analog compression ensures that your audio output remains powerful and clear, without unwanted artifacts or coloration. It‘s easy to use and fits seamlessly into your workflow. Its sidechain filter allows you to isolate specific frequencies for compression, while its reduction limiter ensures your audio output stays within a set dynamic range.

2nd and 3rd place: an elysia Human Beat Pack worth €150 each

Discover THE HUMAN BEAT PACK, produced by Moses Schneider in collaboration with elysia. Free yourself from traditional rhythms and explore new horizons. From the pulsating energy of rock to the hypnotic grooves of funk, the intricate patterns of jazz and the infectious beats of electronic music, THE HUMAN BEAT PACK allows you to create breathtaking compositions across multiple genres. Choose between stereo and multitrack versions.

Places 4 to 6: elysia museq, alpha compressor and mpressor

The elysia plug-ins have long been more than just an insider tip, as they impress with their faithful reproduction of the hardware, both in terms of sound and operation. Whether for surgical correction or merciless „squeezing“ of drums – once you‘ve tried them, you won‘t want to do without them. Places 4-6 go to one of the three emulations: museq, alpha compressor or mpressor.

The Producer: Moses Schneider

Berlin-born Moses Schneider is responsible for some of the most successful productions of recent years. He is famous for using very creative microphone techniques such as „The Wurst“, „SnareO“ and „Droom“ to capture unique drum sounds and recordings in a way that has never been heard before. Experience the Moses Schneider method!

The press describes Moses Schneider as the champion of live recordings! In many of his productions, he records all instruments simultaneously in one room. Schneider captures the live quality of each artist in his own way, which characterizes the sound of his productions. Now you can benefit from his creative knowledge, preserved in THE HUMAN BEAT PACK.

The contest starts on February 1, 2024 and ends on March 1, 2024. The main winner must submit their address so that the xpressor|neo qube can be sent. Payment in cash is not possible.

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The Producer Blog - Giveaways

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