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And the winner is ...

Here are the winners of the elysia Human Beat Contest!

Published 1:42 pm on Tuesday 12th March 2024 by Beat Magazine

The jury, consisting of Ruben and Stefan from elysia, Moses Schneider, as well as Carl and Marco from der Beat, ultimately decided as follows:

You can listen to the 6 fantastic winning songs and beats in the player below.

'We at elysia have listened intensively and extensively to all the entries and are truly speechless at what you have created with the material. It was anything but easy to make an assessment. But together with Moses and the Beat editorial team, we have come to a conclusion. We wish the winners of our tools that they continue to inspire their creativity!' (Ruben, CEO of elysia)

Thank you very much for your participation - we will definitely do it again!

Best regards,
Ruben & Stefan from elysia, Moses Schneider and the Beat team

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The Producer Blog - Giveaways

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