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DJ mixing headphones: dynamic, closed, on-ear!

Review: Sennheiser HD-25 Light

Published 11:31 am on Thursday 18th June 2020 by Beat Magazine

Powerful on the ears

The normal and the Light version can be distinguished from a distance by the angular bulges of the elastic full plastic hanger. The flexible capsule suspension has been replaced though. This is making the new version more similar to its big brother. The large swivel joint that exist on the HD-25, which allows uncomplicated listening with only one ear very easily, has also been waived in the new model of the Light version. However, the hanger is flexible enough to allow an auricle to be temporarily clamped behind the ear for this purpose.

The new HD-25 Light (Checkout the product in the Thomann shop) version is an on-ear headphone, so the capsules with the replaceable imitation leather pads fit directly on the ear which means they don't fully cover the ear. The powerful but at the same time absolutely not uncomfortable contact pressure ensures that the headphones remain in the optimum position even when moving, dancing or sweating, even with small and narrow heads. The headphones can be adjusted to the the individual head size by 14 snap-in steps, while the new wider capsule suspension provides more support. The exchangeable audio cable is attached on both sides and ends on a mini jack plug. A screwable adapter to 6.3mm (1/4") TRS jack is included. If you prefer a single-sided cable duct, you will still have to go for the normal HD-25.


The HD-25 is already not a heavyweight at all with its 140 grams (without cable), but the light version is over 20 grams lighter in weight than the old one. This compensates for the lower wearing comfort due to the non-splittable headband that is perfectly adjustable. And due to its compact form and low weight, the HD-25 Light does not stand out unpleasantly in any gig bag, no matter what size it is. Overall, the new version of the HD-25 Light is more comfortable to wear than its previous model, as the differences to the HD-25 have been reduced once again.

This also applies to the technical values, where the new Light version is on a par with the proven classic. The transmitted frequency range has been considerably extended upwards and downwards compared to the old Light version. Instead of 30 Hz to 16 kHz, the New Version theoretically reaches down to 16 Hz and reproduces frequencies up to 22 kHz.

Sound of the HD-25

The basses sound correspondingly rich and clean in the sound test, without any hi-fi-like overemphasis. The high frequencies are also pleasantly present and can reveal distortions and noise in the mix. But they do not appear too sharp even at high volumes. And the HD-25 Light certainly has a lot to offer in terms of the maximum volume. Thanks to the good sound isolation against external noise, you don't have to turn up the volume loud, though. The good isolation is not only practical for the stage and the DJ booth, but also in the home studio, if neighbours are a little louder than usual once again.

The mids are moderate, just like on the HD-25, but overall more powerful than on the old Light version. The frequency response appears homogeneous and allows you to mix your own tracks in a desktop studio. The very good reflection of transients is also worth mentioning. We didn't miss the chance to compare the new version of the HD-25 Light with the current model of the HD-25 and the tonal differences are minimal to inaudible, which is a significant improvement on the previous model.


The new version of the HD-25 Light (Checkout HD-25 Light in the Thomann shop) has a very convincing sound. Basses are reproduced in a voluminous and massive way without appearing slushy or endanger the transparency. The highs are also very present, only the mid-range is a little restrained. Dynamics and resolution are on a high level in every kind of way. The distance to the classic HD-25 was also reduced in terms of comfort. These very light headphones are therefore not only suitable for mobile usage, but also perfectly usable for your home studio and private usage.

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