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Headphones for DJing and Studio

Closed modular headphones from AIAIAI

Published 6:51 pm on Wednesday 28th July 2021 by Beat Magazine

Its impedance is 32 ohms. The polycarbonate headband contributes to the wearing comfort. Also included with purchase are a 1.5 meter coiled cable and a matching adapter to the 3.5 mm jack plug. The headphones are said to be suitable for listening to music on the street as well as for studio purposes and DJing. The Scandinavian manufacturer is also reissuing its TMA-2 Studio headphones, which have an even wider frequency range of 10 Hz to 40 kHz than the XE model.

Price and Availability:

TMA-2 Studio XE will be available for sale now at a price of 180 euros, while TMA-2 Studio will be priced at 230 euros.


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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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