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The legend is back

Analog synthesizer from Sequential now compact and affordable

Published 9:52 am on Monday 30th August 2021 by Beat Magazine

Two five-stage envelope generators, two freely assignable LFOs and five waveforms are further features of the synthesizer. In addition, the 5-voice polyphonic instrument with its 44 velocity-sensitive keys also offers a polyphonic 64-step sequencer and an arpeggiator. A collection of nine digital effects, including delay, reverb, chorus and ring modulator are also included. There are 256 preset memory locations. In addition to the MIDI In, Out, Thru ports and two analog outputs, there is also a USB connection.

Price and availability

Take 5 should be available from October 2021, but can be pre-ordered now for just 1299 Euros.
Sequential Take 5

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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