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3 compact audio interfaces

More dynamics in Focusrite audio interfaces

Published 5:46 am on Friday 10th September 2021 by Beat Magazine

The A/D converters of the Clarett+ models are also said to allow for very low distortion. The reduced THD+N values at the analog inputs are said to allow for clearer and more transparent recordings and mixes. Quiet source signals that require high gain, such as acoustic strings and delicate voices, are thus captured in greater detail. Included with the purchase are several mixing plug-ins and instruments, recording software, and a Plug-in Collective membership.

Price and availability

The audio interfaces are available in stores now or in October (Clarett+ 4Pre). Clarett+ 2Pre will be offered for 499 Euros, Clarett+ 4Pre is expected to cost 699 Euros. Clarett+ 8Pre is priced at 999 Euros.


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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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