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Massive Drums

More boom with drum machine and sequencer from Erica Synths

Published 7:49 am on Monday 20th September 2021 by Beat Magazine

The drum sounds can be archived as a kit. There are up to 64 memory locations for this. In addition, Perkon's HD-01 has an analog BBD delay, an opto-compressor and a four-track sequencer. The latter can be used to create variation in the sequences with the Probability parameter. Modulation is handled by a morphable LFO with eight modulation destinations. For the connection of external devices, each track has its own trigger input, which also reacts velocity-dynamically.

Price and availability

Perkons HD-01 is scheduled for delivery in the course of 2021 for 1650 euros (plus VAT).

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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