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Full control

Keyboard controller with arpeggiator and more by Keith McMillen

Published 8:03 am on Friday 24th September 2021 by Beat Magazine

Another novelty is the pad controller QuNeo for DJs, VJs and producers of electronic music. In addition to the 16 velocity-sensitive pads, there are 17 buttons. Nine touch-sensitive sliders can be assigned to fader and effect controls. Two rotary elements enable scrubbing, triggering and stretching. Savvy users can also program their own code using the development kit and API. Not to be forgotten is the QuNeo MPE App to map QuNeo to your favorite MPE software and hardware.

Price and availability

Starting Oct. 1, 2021, QuNeo will be available for $249 and QuNexus for $179.



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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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