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Sampling compact

Sampler legend from Roland - Finally more memory

Published 12:47 am on Friday 15th October 2021 by Beat Magazine

The sequencer's range of functions has been expanded to include shuffle and roll, among other things. In addition, several samples can be played back with only one key thanks to Pad Link. With the help of a new resampling technology, the layering of effects should be simplified. Regarding the effects, there are also new additions. Of the 37 multi-effects, the vinyl simulator, the DJFX looper, a lo-fi effect, as well as a tape simulator and resonator are new. In addition to the stereo line inputs and outputs, there is also a microphone input, as well as a MIDI and USB interface.

Price and availability

The SP-404 MKII can be ordered now for 499 Euro.

Roland SP-404 MKII

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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