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Keep on scratching

Compact standalone DJ controller with speaker by Numark

Published 9:40 am on Wednesday 24th November 2021 by Beat Magazine

Music selection is done on the 7-inch display. Mixstream Pro is equipped with two decks and one 6.5-inch jog wheel each. The jogwheels are meant to invite scratching. The mixer can boast a 3-band equalizer and filter controls per channel. There are four pad buttons for each deck to set cue points, rolls or loops. The DJ mix can be diversified with four effects (echo, flanger, delay and phaser). Not to forget is the integrated Engine Lighting lighting control to automate lighting in sync with beats.

Price and availability

Mixstream Pro can be purchased now for 599 Euros.

Numark Mixstream Pro

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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