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Power Producer: NI Maschine

Arrange tracks autonomously

Published 9:52 am on Monday 22nd February 2021 by Beat Magazine

1 Use groups

In the Maschine+ all sounds are divided into groups. You can determine for yourself which sounds are in which group. A tip for more overview is to place similar sounds in the same group. For example, all melody sounds can be in Group A, while Group B contains the drum section.

2 Groups and tracks

Since the Maschine+ does not need a computer, the question is how to name groups and tracks. First you call up PAD mode. On the left the groups and on the right the pads of the respective group are displayed. If you hold down the Shift key, the Rename tab becomes visible. Now enter the name with the large control knob.

3 Set scenes

Scenes contain patterns that you can assign to song parts. A tip for making arrangements clearer is to name the Scenes like the respective song parts. Keep in mind your song structure. For example, Scene 1 could be renamed „Intro“ and Scene 2 „Verse“, while Scene 3 can be named „Hook“.

4 Create an arrangement

Next, you should place the various scenes in the arrangement in the correct order. If you are not yet in Song mode, press the Ideas/Song button and hold down Shift. Now you can press Song at the top. Now place the individual scenes in the arrangement in the order you want.

5 Import

Your session is now sorted to the point where you can start recording. Since you have made all the preparations, you can concentrate entirely on the artistic aspect. This way of working gives you a great overview and makes working with the Maschine+ much easier. Simply place your recorded patterns in the respective Scenes.

6 Final advice

If you have finished your song on the Maschine+, you can load it onto your computer via the built-in SD card and edit it in a DAW. This way you can easily use your usual plug-ins to finalize the song. At the same time, the Maschine+ can be set to controller mode and used in the same way as the MK3.

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