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Full bass

Fetter Sound mit Studiomonitoren und Subwoofer von Focal

Published 10:10 am on Tuesday 15th February 2022 by Beat Magazine

According to the manufacturer, the monitor is said to have a neutral sound balance and a wide dispersion pattern. The speaker offers connections for three audio sources. This also applies to the Alpha Twin Evo, which sounds from a 1 inch tweeter and 6.5 woofer. The maximum sound pressure level is 108 dB SPL, with the Alpha 80 Evo it is 106 dB SPL. The models are driven by Class D amplifiers. The subwoofer's bass is knocked out of two 8-inch cones. It covers a frequency range from 32 Hz to 120 Hz. Inside it slumbers a 200 watt amplifier that outputs a sound pressure level of 114 dB SPL.

Price and availability

Alpha 80 Evo is sold for 449 Euro plus VAT. Alpha Twin Evo costs 559 Euros and Sub One is to be offered for 859 Euros.


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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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