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To the ears

Streamen und Musik produzieren mit Studio-Kopfhörern von Røde

Published 1:35 pm on Thursday 31st March 2022 by Beat Magazine

The headphones are made of durable spring steel. They feature a FitLok closure system that serves to fix the sliding temples. They are also said to be robust. Despite high volume, distortion-free playback is ensured. The manufacturer specifies a maximum sound pressure level of 126 dB. For the effective reduction of external noise, memory foam was inserted into the ear cups. A transparent, natural sound is promised. The impedance is 32 ohms. Included as an accessory is a detachable 2.4-meter cable, as well as an adapter.

Price and availability

The NTH-100 are now on sale for 179 euros in specialized shops.


Order here now: NTH-100

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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