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DIY Groove Synthesizer to solder yourself from Dreadbox

Published 8:55 am on Wednesday 18th May 2022 by Beat Magazine

Furthermore, a noise generator can be mixed in as a sound source. Even FM sounds can be realized via the CV socket. In the mixer section the two oscillators and the noise generator can be mixed. Furthermore, there is a switchable low and bandpass filter with decay control. Dysmetria also has 15 patch connections. For crisp rhythms and basslines there is a sequencer on board, which can be programmed with up to 32 steps. A maximum of 16 presets can be stored. The scope of delivery also includes a suitable adapter for the USB power supply.

Price and availability

The DIY kit Dysmetria can be ordered for sound hobbyists at a price of 200 euros (plus VAT).


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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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