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Produce podcasts and music on 16 tracks with Rode

Published 1:16 pm on Friday 3rd June 2022 by Beat Magazine

The built-in memory is 4 GB. APHEX supplies the Aural Exciter and a De-Esser, among others, in addition to the already integrated effects. In terms of connections, two USB ports are available to connect the computer on the one hand, but also a mobile device on the other. In addition, there are four XLR jacks, which are not only intended for microphones, but also for line and instruments. The manufacturer promises very low-noise preamps with a level boost of up to 76 dB for these inputs, as well as phantom power.

Price and availability

Rodecaster PRO II can be purchased at a price of 798 euros from 15 June 2022.

RODE Rodecaster PRO II

Order now: Rodecaster PRO II

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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