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Keep on scratching

Portable scratching with 2-channel battle mixer by Pioneer DJ

Published 12:03 pm on Monday 13th June 2022 by Beat Magazine

The equalizer acts like an isolator to completely eliminate the desired frequency band. Six ready-made scratch patterns are provided by the scratch cutter function. For filtering, there is one sound color effect per channel. The three effect buttons per channel can be assigned with effects of the DJ software. There are 13 modes for the pads, including hot cue, roll, loops and even a sampler. The connections are distributed over two line outputs, an aux and a microphone input, as well as a USB interface, two headphone outputs and a master and boot output each. The portable DJM-S5 is only compatible with Serato DJ Pro software, for which a license is included in the purchase price.

Price and availability

Der DJM-S5 wird im Juni für 899 Euro ausgeliefert.

Pioneer DJ

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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