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Better studio acoustics

Studio monitor in cube design with power amplifier from Auratone

Published 2:15 pm on Tuesday 12th July 2022 by Beat Magazine

The compact monitoring reference also features a 114-millimeter driver, which promises sound engineers and producers a phase-true representation of the midrange. The monitor is installed in a closed cabinet and is made of 16-millimeter-thick MDF material. It covers a frequency range of 75 - 15,000 Hz. Its power is 30 watts, and its impulse power is as high as 50 watts. The impedance ratio is said to be over 100 dB. As connections, there are balanced XLR jack combo jacks on the rear panel.

Price and availability:

The pair price of the 5C Active Super Sound Cube monitors is 799 euros. The model is immediately available for sale in specialized stores.


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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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