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Acoustic modules for the studio

Modular acoustic optimization of studio rooms with GIK Acoustics

Published 8:44 am on Tuesday 26th July 2022 by Beat Magazine

If necessary, they can also be mounted on walls. Thanks to the depth of construction, the modules should even be effective up to 50 Hz. There are several options to change the mids and treble absorption: Full Range includes full absorption, Range Limiter bass trap is for lower mids and bass absorption, Alpha Diffusion panels and Impression panels are for diffusion effects. Except for the lowest module, which is equipped with feet to build an acoustic wall, the modules are connected with rails. Different patterns are offered to optimize the aesthetics of the front and rear sides.

Price and availability:

The Sound Blocks can be ordered now starting at 135.50 Euro plus VAT.

Sound Blocks

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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