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Mighty thunder

Faster transfer with Thunderbolt interface from Antelope Audio

Published 2:01 pm on Wednesday 10th August 2022 by Beat Magazine

Two stereo outputs (1x jack, 1x RCA) and two headphone connections are given. An S/PDIF input and output is available in digital form. The headroom of the converters is 127 dB. The routing of the connections is also said to have been optimized. The internal DSP can also look back on a proud offering of 37 Synergy Core effects. These consist of two preamps, four equalizers, 5 compressors, two dynamics processors (expander and gate), a reverb, a guitar tuner and 22 guitar amps. A 1.7 inch small color display is also built in. The respective settings of the routing and the effects can be saved as presets.

Price and availability

Zen Go Synergy Core Thunderbolt is sold now for 649,- EUR.

Antelope Audio

Order here now: Antelope Zen Go SynergyCore Thunderbolt

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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