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Hybrid synthesizer

Motorisierter Synthesizer von Melbourne Instruments

Published 10:11 am on Sunday 21st August 2022 by Beat Magazine

The third oscillator is based on digital wavetables, which can be populated with user-specific wavetables. If desired, pink and white noise can also be added. A 4-pole ladder VCF was installed as a filter. One of the special features is the motorized control panel. Thanks to the motorized encoders, the settings can be saved and recalled as with software presets, including modulations. Connections include four assignable line outputs, headphones, stereo main outputs and aux paths 3 and 4. One input for microphone and three for line signals are also included.

Price and availability

NINA can be pre-ordered from now until October 30, 2022 for 3000 US dollars plus tax. The regular price will be 3500 US dollars plus tax.

Melbourne Instruments

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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