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Podcasts for beginners

Better podcasts with USB audio interface from Focusrite

Published 8:16 am on Monday 29th August 2022 by Beat Magazine

In addition, calls from guests can also be inserted into the Vocaster Two via Bluetooth and not only via TRRS cable. The microphone signal can be amplified by up to 70 dB on both interfaces. The microphone signal can be automatically levelled using the AutoGain function. The Enhance button can be used to switch between four voice presets. There is also a mute button to mute a guest. A specific software bundle with the podcasting program Hindenburg LITE and several demos are included.

Price and availability

Both models are not only executable under Windows and macOS, you can also benefit from them with an iPadOS for 199 Euros (Vocaster One) or 299 Euros (Vocaster Two) as of now..


Order here: Focusrite Vocaster One or Vocaster Two

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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