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Luminously connected

Luminous instrument cables for black light from Cordial

Published 8:58 am on Monday 12th September 2022 by Beat Magazine

The high-quality cables are based on the CGK 150 meter goods, which have a high conductor cross-section of 0.50 mm for fabric sheathed cables. The double shielding of braided shield and Carbon- Semiconductor contributes to the undistorted signal transmission. The connectors are equipped with 6.3 mm jack plugs from Neutrik, on request also with Neutrik silentPLUG to avoid noise interference. They are optionally available in the plug combinations straight/straight, as well as straight/right-angled. Depending on your needs, the cables are offered in three or six meter lengths.

Price and availability:

The Blacklight Edition is available immediately. Three meters cost 35.20 euros, six meters 48.40 euros. Cables with Neutrik silentPLUG connectors are priced at 46.20 euros for three meters and 59.40 euros for six meters.


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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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