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Mobile recording

Laptop controller and keyboard from AKAI

Published 6:31 pm on Thursday 29th September 2022 by Beat Magazine

There is also an arpeggiator to trigger and control DAW software plug-in instruments. You can choose from seven modes on the arpeggiator. The keyboard instrument also has the option to store up to eight programs. The LPD8 features eight velocity-sensitive RGB backlit MPC pads four storable programs and eight assignable knobs for plug-in control. In addition, there are Sustain, Function, and Octave Up and Octave Down buttons. Included in the purchase price of both novelties is the MPC Beats Music Production software with thousands of drum samples and plug-in instrument sounds. There's also a USB port on both units to quickly connect them to a laptop or MIDI-enabled smart device.

Price and availability

The LPD8 is available now for 75 Euro. The LPK25 will cost 70 euros.


For a quick start with the MPC Beats you get three expansions for free here:

The Trickster - 102 patches from hell
Electro Encounter for MPC
Best of 909-303

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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