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Let the bass kick

Hybrid drum machine with sequencer from Korg

Published 10:47 am on Friday 30th September 2022 by Beat Magazine

Motion, Accent and Random functions are added. There are the three simultaneous effect blocks Reverb, Delay and Master. The audio input allows external signals to be looped through to the effects section. In addition, there are four freely assignable individual outputs, a headphone connection and two USB ports. The sequencer with 64 steps and various features is ideal for programming dynamic grooves. The range of included sounds includes 64 drum kits and programs with rhythm patterns each. The same amount is also available for your own creations.

Price and availability

According to the manufacturer, drumlogue will ship in November or December 2022 at a price of 629 euros.

KORG drumalogue

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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