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Novation giveaway

Novation celebrates anniversary with big raffle

Published 10:17 am on Wednesday 12th October 2022 by Beat Magazine

The studio package includes Circuit Rhythm, Circuit Tracks, FLkey Mini, Launchkey 37, Summit, Peak, Bass Station II and Launchpad Pro. A feature on Novation's website highlighting your submission with an interview is included. The prize also includes a 1:1 product demo session with a Novation product specialist and a Novation logo T-shirt. To enter, you must take a photo or video of yourself jamming with your favorite Novation product. The more original the better. Share your content on social networks like Insta or Facebook. You'll also have to fill out a form. But that's not all: Novation hardware owners can enter to win 30 exclusive soundpacks until December 2022. Enter now here.

Free download pack

For Peak and Summit owners, we've built 32 patches to kickstart your inspiration for new tracks, or maybe even help with a video for the Novation Contest. Click here to download.

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