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In honor of Dave Smith

Sequentials Analog Synthesizer with Vintage Character (+ Free Download)

Published 9:50 pm on Thursday 1st December 2022 by Beat Magazine

The six-voice instrument also offers a white noise source. The keyboard is a velocity-sensitive semi-weighted 4-octave keyboard with 49 keys. For fat filter sounds, the two- or four-pole low-pass filter has been thought of. The repertoire of sounds is composed of 500 factory presets and 500 additional slots for your own sound creations. The LFO has a choice of five waveforms (sine, sawtooth, inverted sawtooth, square and sample & hold). More varied melodies are promised by the arpeggiator with the sequencer and the vintage pot gives the sound an "imprecise" vintage character through variations. Some effects like reverb, delays, ring modulation and unison add more spice to the sound.

Price and availability:

Trigon-6 should be available immediately at the proud price of 3999 euros. Pre-order now at Thomann. You can find more info at Sequential.

Download for free - 107 Patches of Sequential Pro 3 & DSI Prophet 08

With the Electric Prophet soundbank you get no less than 107 patches from the two battleships Pro 3 and Prophet 08 from Sequential (aka Dave Smith), the synth master himself. Look forward to 2.2 GB of sound that makes the Pro 3 stand out: Arpeggios, bass sequences and hooklines, enhanced with lush Prophet 08 pads. Fire up your MPC and take off!

Download Prophet in the store with coupon code SEQUENTIAL2022. Valid until 12/12/2022

- for Zampler

- for Akai MPC

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