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Not only for electric guitarists

Over 60 effects in the new pedal from Eventide

Published 8:08 am on Tuesday 13th December 2022 by Beat Magazine

Software plug-ins are available for both the predecessor H9 and the new H90. Another new feature is that two effects can be used simultaneously, thanks to serial and parallel circuitry. Artifact-free polyphonic pitch shifting is also promised. Via USB, the pedal can receive updates or be programmed and controlled remotely. The Bluetooth-enabled device has four inputs for line and instrument signals, two external insert returns and a MIDI in/out/thru connection. In addition, there are two mono outputs. For better details, an OLED display is now also available.

Price and availability:

The H90 Harmonizer is available for pre-order now for $899. Learn more at Eventide. Order now at Thomann.

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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