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Black Lion Audio Auteur DT

Vintage sound with preamp/DI box from Black Lion Audio

Published 8:59 am on Friday 30th December 2022 by Beat Magazine

In addition, the incoming signal can be amplified by over 60 dB. The input stage is supposed to use IC technology to reproduce the most transparent, nuanced sound possible with fast transients and rich detail. Various instruments or line signals can be connected to the input. If necessary, phantom power with 48 volts can be added, as long as a microphone is plugged into the XLR input on the back. Thanks to the built-in Nichicon and Vishay capacitors, the manufacturer promises a long life and low noise floor. If desired, the phase can also be reversed.

Price and availability:

Auteur DT can be purchased now for 369 euros. More info at Black Lion Audio.

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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