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The best synthesizers and sequencers

The synth highlights in january 2023

Published 3:58 am on Tuesday 10th January 2023 by Beat Magazine

Arturia miniFreak

MiniFreak is the successful continuation of the Freak series and offers numerous advantages over the popular MicroFreak without making it superfluous. Real polyphony, a second oscillator, built-in effects, additional controls and a „normal“ keyboard are the most important news. The flexible oscillator models, when combined with the modulation matrix and the sequencer with parameter recording, provide independent sound with a lot of movement; the filter gives the analog touch and the entire operation is intuitively solved. The icing on the cake is the free plug-in MiniFreak V for direct exchange with your DAW | Total: 5,5/6 | Price: 599 Euro | Order here now at Thomann

Teenage Eng. OP-1 Field

The OP-1 Field is a creative wonder weapon; an ultra-portable studio with unique features and stand-alone sound. In addition, there is a robust build and a really well thought-out operation, and the improved display, higher-resolution sound and the more powerful stereo speakers make this little box even more fun. You have to decide for yourself whether this overall package really justifies the currently listed price of 2,000 Euro - despite all the advantages, we consider the price to be too high. | Total: 4,5/6 | Price: 1.999 Euro | Order here now at Thomann

Eventide Misha

Those who are used to playing melodies via keyboard, a sequencer or other tools, will have to rethink and get used to this module. But that also makes sense, because only in this way can alternative approaches have a chance. Misha is no guarantee of success for making perfect melodies or hit chords straight off the assembly line, but it can be both if you dive in and take advantage of all the features. Thanks to its experimental and generative nature, Misha is also not a replacement for a normal sequencer or arpeggiator, but rather complements both with its unique concept.

In short: If you are looking for a hookline generator for poppy chart, trance or house hits, you won‘t get anywhere with Eventide‘s module. However, those who - as is quite common for modular systems - like to get involved in experiments, like hypnotic sequences, are looking for surprises or new challenges that are off the beaten track will quickly take Misha into their hearts and have fun with it for a long time to come. Especially with the prospect of upcoming firmware updates | Total: 5/6 | Price: 648 Euro | Order here at Thomann

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