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Full tube

Distortion effects for guitarists to build yourself from Korg

Published 8:13 am on Tuesday 31st January 2023 by Beat Magazine

In addition, there are the three parameters Volume, Tone, Gate and Gain. Internally, you can also see an illuminated tube, but it should come close to conventional tubes in terms of sound. Behind the Nu:Tekt TR-S hides an effect pedal with distortion, which emulates the responsiveness of classic tube amplifiers. On this effect are the Volume, Power Sag, Mix and Tube Gain controls for the purpose of compression and sound, as well as the three setting options Tone, Sustain and Threshold.

Price and availability:

Both the Korg Nu:Tekt HD-S and the Nu:Tekt TR-S are now available in stores for 269 Euros. For more info on the Nu:Tekt HD-S and the Nu:Tekt TR-S, please contact Korg here.

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The Producer Blog - Hardware

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